About me

Hi there– I’m Carina. I’m a mom to Henry, a partner and spouse to Mitch, and a Social Sciences librarian at Brown University.

We’re all teachers and learners in our family– my husband is a school administrator, my mother retired from elementary teaching after 40 years, several of my cousins teach, and I taught high school English and History for a few years before going to library school.

In fact, it was a conversation I had with a (fantastic) school librarian that got me thinking about libraries as a career. I was teaching the research paper in English and told the librarian that she had the best job in the world. “You know, Carina, YOU could be a librarian…” I thought about it for like a minute, headed to library school, and ended up in academic libraries.
I miss working with younger students, I miss being in the public schools, and my work in outreach with Providence Public Schools has inspired me to head “back to the classroom.” I couldn’t be more excited!

I live in the wilds of Foster, RI, knit when I can (fingerless gloves, anyone?), and dramatically read the parts of Miss Anthrope, Ms. Ribble, Miss Fitt, Ms. Guided (and any other female character) every night with Henry.