A favorite picture book: Little Owl’s Night

Srinivasan, Divya. Little Owl’s Night. New York: Viking Children’s Books, 2011. Print.

Above image from http://www.littleowlsnight.com/

Henry was three years old when we moved to a new house in the woods. When spring came, the sounds of the evening forest crept in through the windows. The calls of frogs and owls and nighthawks were new and a little scary for a boy trying to make sense of so many changes.

Then a friend gave him Little Owl’s Night for his birthday. This lovely book not only shed a little light on fun forest nightlife, but gave him the confidence to lean his ear out toward the window to listen more closely.

Srinivasan’s book offers a simple, gentle, magical take on those dark hours that often frighten young ones. It follows Little Owl, a restless and curious young bird who visits his animal friends and takes note of the various goings-on around him: an opossum family walking in a row, moths floating up to the moon, a sleeping bear. The prose is quiet and straightforward, the descriptions of nature are poetic. And the illustrations are full of bold shape, color, and texture… and for careful readers, they tell other fun stories about relationships among Little Owl’s animal friends.

Little Owl’s Night is a sweet little book to read aloud with a little one at bedtime, or to enjoy on a porch swing on a summer’s night when the morning glories close and the moon flowers open.


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